If Joni Mitchell and Ofra Haza were writing a song in a smokey London cafe, it may have sounded like Hadar Manor.

Even before Michael Eavis called Hadar “an outstanding talent” at her Glastonbury festival performance, an emerging red-haired artist named Ed Sheeran described Hadar as a “brilliant songwriter”.

Hadar’s childhood of dusty sandals and glorious flaming sunsets over the Israeli Judaean Mountains infuses her music with a taste of the Middle East. She blends storytelling lyrics and western melodies.

Winning the ‘Queen of the Underground’ Award, kicked-off Hadar’s musical journey. Collaborations with celebrated artists and producers include; award-winning producer Youth, Chad Hobson, DJ Sandy Riviera, and experimental band ‘Oi Va Voi’.  

Hadar performed on the BBC Introducing stage, national radio, and has even been asked to tea at number 10 Downing Street.

The Independent called her a “maverick” when she starred in ITV’s ‘Southbank’ TV show.

Hadar’s music has been described as acoustic Folk-Pop with Jewish echos, which transport the listener to a dreamy landscape that feels foreign yet familiar.

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